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PEI Mansion Boutique Hotel Shanghai

PEI Mansion Boutique Hotel Shanghai located in the busy Jing'An district of north-central Shanghai, the PEI Mansion Boutique Hotel Shanghai (Beixuan Dagongguan) is the former residence of famed architect I.M. Pei's family. Built in 1934, the Modernist Art Deco-inflected building was designed for the family of I.M. Pei (best known for the Louvre Pyramid in Paris), which resided there until the end of the 1940s. PEI Mansion Boutique Hotel Shanghai retains the distinctive style of the times and is home to many vintage antiques from the 1930s. The hotel's interior design is in keeping with the modernist Jazz Age aesthetic of late Concession-era Shanghai as well, boasting beautifully finished wood, stone and metal surfaces and bold patterns; elegant Chinese-style furnishings complete the picture. Despite its location in the heart of one of Shanghai's busiest shopping and dining districts, PEI Mansion Boutique Hotel Shanghai grounds and rooms are peaceful behind the compound's walls, surrounded by carefully maintained gardens. Inside, a magnificent spiraling "dragon" staircase greets visitors beneath a stunning original glass ceiling. PEI Mansion Boutique Hotel Shanghai's 25 guestrooms and suites combine contemporary and classic '30s-inspired design, with an emphasis on quality touches (down-filled bedding, multi-nozzle rain showerheads, Jacuzzi, and so on) and personalized, boutique-style service.